Anime Review: From The New World Episode Seven: Summer Darkness. English Dub.

Warning: The series I am reviewing contain depictions of child abduction, disappearance, murder and violence in a future totalitarian society. It also depicts sexual violence. The show also contains relationships sexual between young people. That is the trigger warning.

Leave now if you wish.

Also spoilers for the episode and the whole series. Do not read any further if you don’t want spoilers.

Recap: The episode opens with Satoru and Saki looking down on the Giant Spiders who are in three big groups. They speak about how to take out the monster rats and Satoru is starting to be more effected from using his powers to kill monster rats. The enemy changes position and then attacks using catapults and rocks. Fortunately Saki spots this and they hit the decks. Satoru suggests counter attacking but Saki tells him not because if they do so now they be figured out. Better to wait. She asks were their nest is, which is deep in the forest. Saki tells Satoru to burn a three. But then news arrives with the fact that the enemies Queen has been evacuated. They are now free to stage an all out attack.

Squalor runs off. Satoru can only use his powers three more times at most. Saki tells him to send a rock back at the catapult. Saki says they need to leave. But Satoru wants to fight some more. Only after destroying a second catapult does he and Saki run. She assures him things will be okay and they will make it home. Satoru looks exhausted. They then run into Squalor. He is with enemy rats. Saki calls him a traitor. Satoru kills these rats. Squalor then claims he was pulling a ruse, that he was on their side. Saki is not impressed. Saying he still betrayed them. Satoru tells him to shut up and they head to the East a path Squalor suggested.

Satoru collapses and there are enemy rats. Squalor then asks why they don’t use their powers-have they lost them? But a horn sounds. Reinforcements have arrived. The Giant Hornet colony led by Kiroumaru has arrived. The largest colony Eastern Japan. We get our first depiction of Kiroumaru. The Earth Spider’s Queen has been captured. At her nest Satoru warns Saki to be careful with the Giant Hornet Colony because they are loyal to humans. The Larva of the Earth Spiders is claimed by the Robert Flies and the Giant Hornets. The Earth Spider Queen is to die. There is a least ditch effort to kill Saki and the others using balloon dogs but Satoru holds back the explosions and collapses.

Satoru was asleep for a few hours. Then we get an explanation as to why they are in danger. Satoru believes that because the Giant Hornets are loyal to the Ethic’s committee and because Saki and co have broken a lot of rules they will be seen as problematic kids. Like how kids disappear from elementary and the unified class. Satoru fears that the monster rat may kill them. Saki agrees and they flee into the night. Saki thinks of Shun and starts to cry. Satoru asks what is wrong but Saki says there is nothing to talk about. But Squalor soon finds them.

Squalor helps them reach the canyons but they are being followed by a night hawk. They meet the other and Squalor leaves. They paddle away with Saki and Satoru back to bickering. Then the Giant Hornet colony catches up to them. They fear the worst. With Mamoru and Mari embracing and Saki and Satoru holding hands. But Kiroumaru does not hurt them. He gives them a lift. He takes them as far as he can.

Kiroumaru asks them to keep what he did a secret or else he will be killed. Satoru realizes that the Ethics Committee must have ordered to eliminate them. We soon learn that the others know their mantras (by memorizing them or writing them down). So Saki can restore their powers. Starting with Shun. They make it home. Uncover their seal powers. They think they have succeeded and think everything will be normal. But the older Saki is narrating and says they are simply fooling themselves.

Analysis: This episode is a little less action then the last few but has a lot of information in it and is very dialogue heavy. Probably the most interesting characters in this episode are Squalor and Kiroumaru. Squalor even before he became the threat he would was already manipulative, sly and deceitful. So many times in this episode I could see he was playing these two children like a fiddle.

But of course they did not have the knowledge, experience or maturity to see that. It really does show what he is capable of especially further down the road. Kiroumaru already stands out as a far more ethical person. He clearly thinks for himself and is willing to disobey humans to do what he thinks is rights. This will come into play later on. Even though Kiroumaru disobey humans he is not ruthless enough to do what Squalor will later do.

It’s clear also from this episode that Saki has romantic feelings for both Shun and Satoru. She thinks of Shun after being separated from him but holds Satoru’s hand. Considering what happens in the nest episode this is a love triangle here. This episode is really more of a wrapping up and concluding of the first third of the story. There is of course the usual foreshadowing. Which is good particularly the taking of the larva as the spoils of war.

Satoru shows again some pretty excellent analysis skills here figuring out that they are in danger even with loyal rats. Satoru really has transformed in these last few episodes. He was far more depth then before. He is also the one who saves the day by stopping the explosion. The first time I watched this anime it took me a while to like Satoru but by this episode he was easily my favorite character. I know I usually write more but I think that is about it for this episode. Next episode we have a time skip of two years and the characters will form romantic relationships with one another.

See you then.

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