Anime Review: From The New World Episode Three, The False Minoshiro. English Dub

Warning: The series I am reviewing, child abduction, disappearance, murder and violence in a future totalitarian society. The show also contains relationships implicit and later explicit sexual relationships between young people. That is the trigger warning.

Leave now if you wish.

Also spoilers for the episode and the whole series. Do not read any further if you don’t want spoilers.

Recap: The episode starts off with another scene from the past. The Emperor from the last episode being assassinated. At one point rights before hand one of the assassins says ‘Lets go change history, rid the world of PK’. The scene ends with both the Emperor and the assassins dead.

Next scene we have Group One again.  They are canyoning up the river using oars and later their powers. We’ve joined them again right where we left off before. Suki and Satoru are bickering again. Shun finds some Thatchnester eggs and they spend their time looking at the scenery and the wildlife.  The sunsets however and they make camp. They gossip and talk. Around the fire Satoru begins to talk about balloon dogs, creatures he’s has heard about. Saki and Mari are rather skeptical about the whole matter. However what Satoru says next is interesting ‘The whole thing sounds just so weird and so crazy, that’s what makes it sound so fishy, I mean if you were going to make something up to scare kids wouldn’t you make it realistic?’ (That’s paraphrased). But next Satoru starts talking about a Demon Minoshiro-if you see one you die. Mamoru asks if  he means a false Minoshiro. Shun then makes the suggestion that they go looking for these creatures to see if the stories are true. Also apparently their powers will not work on the Demon Minoshiro.

Shun then suggests canyoning in the dark, they draw straws and Satoru is the one left behind to watch the cap. Something he is not happy about. Shun then tells Saki not to look at the camp fire because it  is a rule of night canyoning. Next there is a scene of Shun and Saki together in their boat alone. Shun stops them using their paddles so they can see the reflections of the stars in the water. Shun then puts his hand over Saki’s hand.

Next we get some information on the Minoshiro from adult Saki’s narration. Minoshiro are in none of the books adult Saki has read meaning they may have only recently emerged sometime over the last few centuries. However evolutionary this is not possible in such a short space of time. She goes on to say that there is a massive difference between the creatures and plants on the earth today then there was a millennium ago. As if these creatures just dropped from heaven onto earth. However there is a possible explanation-that human subconsciousness increased the speed of the evolutionary process in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Next we have the kids making breakfast and packing up camp to find the Demon Minoshiro. Saki is wearing red glasses when they dock to keep the glare out her eyes. They come across an old shrine and then they see the Minoshiro. But they are all but Saki standing still unable to more because the creature has a defense ability using it’s lights. The Minoshiro hides in a cave. In order to capture it they catch two large cows and use they to corner the Minoshiro and catch it with their claws. Once the creature is in the crab’s claws it however then starts it’s lights again. Saki’s glasses provide her with protection again and she begins to pull at the creatures tentacles.

The a high clear female starts speaking. It’s the Minoshiro stating that Saki must stop this destructive act as she is destroying public property that belongs to the library.  Saki then threatens to pull out the creatures tentacles it it does not stop with the lights. Mamoru says Saki is amazing to each Mari responds that if he is so great.

It turns out that the Minoshiro is a false Minoshiro. And the information can be read by any human.

Cuts to credits.

Analysis: This episodes is setting up what will come next, all the information that the false Minoshiro will give us. But there are other interesting tidbits here and there. The scene at the start of the assassination of the Emperor is just giving us a visual of something that will be explained in the next episode. So I’ll leave what I have to say until the next post.

What we have in this episode though is that Saki’s and Shun’s romantic feelings for each other are confirmed. In very nice scene between the pair. The boy you like holding your hand under the stars. It’s very cute and the animation is wonderful. The palette is the same as the episode before.  There is more world building and we get some explanation as to why this world is so different from our own. Also this is the episode to not kill a character we know so little about. With the exception of the Emperor guy but I’ll get back to that. We also learn that the kids powers do have some weakness-they may not work on certain things.

While this episode is good it is the next one that is the real pay off. While we are only on episode three here they’ve raised so many questions in such a short space of time. We will be getting some answers. Also the false Minoshiro’s design is well and truly alien once again showing that this is not our world. The Thatchernest design was good as well.

This episode is a must see but it is the next one that is really going to be interesting.

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